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    North York Women Shelter

    Website http://www.nyws.ca/

    24- Hour Emergency Hotline: 416.635.9630

    1. b.
    Family Service Association of Toronto


    Canadian legal system related to violence against wowmen
    website: http://www.owjn.org
    – The links on this page deal with specific topics related to violence against women (and their children) and their involvement with the Canadian legal system in a detailed manner.

    2. North York Women Shelter

    Website http://www.nyws.ca/

    24- Hour Emergency Hotline: 416.635.9630

    General Inquiries/Counsellors: 416.635.9427 ext 221

    Mission - A place of safety, support and hope for women and their children who are survivors of violence and abuse.

    Vision - A community characterized by gender equality where women and their children are empowered and safe.

    What to help
    If you are woman with or without children living with abuse we can help. The first is step is hardest, but once you make the decision to leave know that you will have shelter, safety and support at NYWS. If you are in crisis or concerned about another woman contact our 24 hour crisis line 416.635.9630


    3.a Physical Abuse includes bodily harm, discomfort or injury including hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, pushing, burning, biting, torture, restraining, assault with a weapon, withholding of food and/or medical care, and/or murder.

    3.b. Psychological/Emotional Abuse is any act that provokes fear, diminishes the woman’s dignity or sense of self-worth, and/or intentionally inflicts psychological trauma as a means of exerting power and control over the woman. Psychological abuse can include criticism, degradation, humiliation, excessive possessiveness, threats (suicidal, homicidal, deportation, kidnapping children, harming family, friends and/or pets), controlling a person’s daily activities, social isolation, and/or purposeful destruction of property and/or pets.

    3.c.Sexual Abuse includes any act of forced sexual activity, sexual harassment, unwanted sexual touching, the refusal to use protection from STD’s or unwanted pregnancy during sex, and forced exposure to, or participation in pornography or prostitution.

    3.d. Verbal Abuse is the use of vexatious comments that are known or that ought to be known to be unwelcome, threatening, degrading, offensive, and/or embarrassing.

    3.e.Economic/Financial Abuse is the misuse of an individual’s money or belongings by another individual. Economic abuse includes, but is not limited to the withholding and/or restricting of money needed for food and/or clothing; denying the right to seek and/or maintain employment; taking personal money; denying independent access to money; and/or excluding the victim from financial decision-making.

    3.f. Spiritual Abuse includes degrading another person’s spiritual beliefs, withholding the means to practice, and/or forcing adherence to a belief system.


    Bill of Rights for Abused Women
    • I have the right not to be abused.
    • I have the right to anger over past abuse.
    • I have the right to change the situation.
    • I have the right to freedom from fear of abuse.
    • I have the right to request and expect assistance from police or social agencies.
    • I have the right to share my feelings and not be isolated from others.
    • I have the right to want a better role model of communication for my children.
    • I have the right to be treated like an adult.
    • I have the right to leave the abusive environment.
    • I have the right to privacy.
    • I have the right to express my own thoughts and feelings.
    • I have the right to develop my individual talents and abilities.
    • I have the right to legally prosecute the abusing spouse.
    • I have the right not to be perfect.
    Adapted from “Battered Wives and Powerlessness” by Patricia G. Ball and Elizabeth Wymen. Courtesy of Peel Committee Against Women Abuse.更多精彩文章及讨论,请光临枫下论坛 rolia.net